Useful Resource for Any Potential Whistleblower

Taxpayers Against Fraud, also known by the acronym TAF, was founded in 1986 as a resource for attorneys that represent individuals who bring lawsuits under the False Claims Act to expose frauds against the federal and state governments.  TAF is the premiere association for lawyers who practice in this highly specialized field.  TAF also sponsors the TAF Education Fund (TAFEF) and website, which is a resource both for FCA attorneys and potential whistleblowers.  Our firm and its attorneys are members of TAF.

TAFEF has created a number of useful resources available to the general public to explain the False Claims Act, as well as to highlight the tremendous successes in combating fraud against the taxpayer since the 1986 amendments – and in particular the successes in recent years.

Among these resources, the TAFEF Powerpoint presentation entitled How to Do Good and Do Well …and Survive to Tell the Tale” is worth a careful review by prospective would-be whistleblowers.  This presentation highlights the basics of the whistleblower law under the False Claims Act, including such things as the mechanics of filing, the potential rewards, and general chronology of an FCA case.  The presentation also explains the realities that FCA cases are complex, are usually rather lengthy from start to finish (the average case takes more than 3 years to resolve, and some have taken as long as a decade), and that pursuing an FCA case is anything but “quick and easy money.”  The government intervenes in only about 20% of all cases, and only around 100 to 150 cases are positively resolved each year.

The paper goes on to emphasize the importance of retaining experienced FCA counsel as one of the first, critical key steps in pursuing an FCA case.  While – on rare occasion – some lawyers have had success in FCA cases without having much experience or training in the practice area, in truth, FCA cases are usually quite complex and the law of full of “traps” for lawyers that lack FCA experience.

Only a few attorneys nationwide have devoted their practice to this field. Potential whistleblower clients are wise to seek counsel with sufficient experience to handle these cases successfully.


If you believe that you have a False Claims Act case, please contact the Rabon Law Firm.

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